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Bastos & Del Vecchio – Migration Consulting has the proposal to combine the high technical expertise of its professionals to comfort and safety a accessible and practical communication with the client, all this with the agility than spirit and motivation young people from the company and its professionals bring. We offer a range of diversified services, seeking fully meet the needs of our customers, ensuring ease of processes, and taking the worry away of those who do not let borders limit their lives.


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Lawyer graduated from USP exchange student at the University of Coimbra – Portugal, author, researcher and speaker in International Law and Human Rights. He worked as a legal consultant for the UN Migration (OIM), in the preparation of the service manual used by the Public Defenders of the Union throughout the country. He was a member of Promigra - Program for the Promotion of Migrants' Rights, a project linked to the USP Law School, where it provides free legal assistance to low-income migrants, in addition to acting with political influence with civil society and governments in favor of the migratory cause. . He worked at the São Paulo Secretariat of Human Rights and Citizenship, especially with migration, consumer rights, prison system and institutional violence. He is an educator focused on migration, human rights, international law and international politics. He teaches courses and lectures in these areas and related topics.

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Vitor Bastos

Lawyer graduated in Law and International Relations from PUC-SP with an exchange program at the University of Porto – Portugal. He has advanced training from the University of Coimbra in Attribution and Acquisition of Portuguese Nationality. He researches and has publications on International Law and Human Rights and is a member of ProMigra – Program for the Promotion of Migrants' Rights, a project linked to the USP Law School, where he provides free legal assistance to underprivileged migrants. He worked for 2 years at the 1st Office of Migration and Refuge of the Federal Public Defender's Office in São Paulo, having specialized in the practical application of the New Migration Law with the Federal Police, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Labor and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Discover our services

Migration Consulting

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Discover our services

Click on titles to browse

We evaluate the best options for clients who are in Brazil intending to travel, and for nationals from other countries intending to come to Brazil, whether for tourism, work, study, in search of quality of life, meeting with family, friends, among others.

We offer guidance services on the procedures, documents and deadlines for applying for a visa, in addition to instructing and monitoring the application from start to finish.

For clients who intend to settle in Brazil, even for a limited time or for short periods, we evaluate the best options and take care of the process from the beginning until the moment the National Migration Registration Card is delivered by hand.
We work with naturalization applications, in all their modalities, providing guidance on the instruction of the process with the appropriate documents according to each case and the follow-up until the final decision.
Descendants and relatives who seek to obtain citizenship in another country, such as Italy, Portugal, Spain, Canada, among others, can count on our performance both in the process itself and in obtaining the necessary documents for the instruction, both in Brazil and abroad. outside.
Our office works beyond Brazilian borders, helping with bureaucracy abroad, directly or with partner offices with whom we have around the world. Services are varied, and may include requesting documents, instructing processes or advising on procedural, legal and even cultural issues. Our goal is to ensure comfort and safety for our customers to be carefree while we solve their various issues.

The BDV acts in the presentation of the request for recognition of the status of refugee, stateless person or political asylum, information on the progress and withdrawal of processes, appeal against the rejection of requests, authorization / travel communication to refugees and applicants and request for family reunification.

We collected all possible arguments and outlined the best alternative to present the administrative defense against the imposition of a fine for irregular stay. We follow the progress of the administrative process until the final decision, presenting appeals and gathering elements whenever necessary.

The opening of the Individual Registry is essential for citizens who intend to perform acts such as opening bank accounts, signing property rental contracts, buying and selling goods and practically all other civil acts.
The Work and Social Security Card for migrants has its own procedure for withdrawal, unlike the case of Brazilian nationals. It is an important document for the migrant to enter the formal labor market and contribute to social security.

The growing search of companies to promote diversity in their work environments and in the corporate culture requires learning and implementation processes that only a specialized consultancy can offer.

Clients inside and outside Brazil often look for comfort, speed and security in the processes that orbit around their establishment in another country, either by streamlining bureaucracy at the university where they intend to do an academic exchange, or by contracting services such as car rental and properties, installation of broadband internet and cable TV at home, and the most diverse ones you can imagine, Bastos & Del Vecchio – Consultoria em Migração makes it easy for you to assume the negotiation

Brazilian laws and legal customs may be unclear even to its nationals. Bastos & Del Vecchio – Consultoria em Migração and our partner offices provide security so that clients are always protected by the law in their acts, whether to sign rental, purchase and sale contracts, opening a business, hiring employees, among others. .
The contact with the migratory theme, the understanding of the scenario in which it develops and the experience of having already worked in several projects involving migrants and social actors such as governments, NGOs and companies, guarantee us the necessary expertise to design and execute varied projects in the migration, refugee and human rights themes, with philanthropic, employability, academic, cultural, among others, guaranteeing even the necessary transit for the project to unfold with the actors involved in the theme.
Bastos & Del Vecchio uses its legal practice and academic research as a way of promoting education and awareness of the migratory issue and several others that cross it, whether by promoting short courses, lectures, workshops and even in the production of material. didactic. This is all considering the particularities of the target audience, which can be but not limited to: corporate, teenagers, university students, among others.
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Social responsibility

Migration Consulting

We intend to link our actions with practices that reflect the world we want, where borders are not an obstacle to happiness and the guarantee of a dignified life. Thus, we dedicate our efforts to ensuring that vulnerable individuals and families are aware of and defend their rights. Within this perspective, we seek to reconcile our paid services with the free provision of legal support to the needy migrant population.

We operate through several projects, including: Extension and Culture Project of the University of São Paulo Law School, ProMigra – Program for the Promotion of Migrants' Rights, offering voluntary and free legal assistance; legal assistance for MIM – Migrant Mission, a non-governmental organization that has in its action proposals the protagonism of immigrants and refugees through the valorization of their scientific and cultural productions, an initiative of reception, support, articulation and promotion of encounters between cultures; acting through the Institute for the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights (IPPDH), carrying out advocacy and strategic litigation on human rights.

The performance in these projects also allows for structural actions, which impact public, legislative and migratory governance policies in general.

Discover the Social Responsibility initiatives

Discover the Social Responsibility initiatives

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Part of our passion for the themes of Migration Law, International Law and Human Rights translates into a commitment to academic research and scientific production in these areas. Below you can check publications and texts by BDV:

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The complexity and heterogeneity of Venezuelan migrations denote the theoretical-methodological challenges for the analysis of migrations in the global South and for the implementation of migration policies…

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In this century, border migrations play an important role in understanding the spatial mobility of the population. In the countries of the global North, these migrations are full of tensions…

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